Why did our volunteers choose to join?

We're always keen to know what matters to our volunteers and what their motivations for joining were. So, we've asked them. Find out what they said.

Volunteer stories

Word cloud shaped like boat listing why people joined Viking Genes

As our Viking II study launched just before the pandemic, we missed the chance to connect with volunteers at in-person events. So, what better way to understand volunteer motivations and to connect with volunteers than to have them share their stories on our website? Understanding what motivates our volunteers can also help us learn how best to support their needs in our work. We also wanted to give our volunteers the chance to connect with each other, through their stories.

The stories they sent us were both inspirational and moving. We can't put their thoughts into words as well as they can, so see what they had to say here:

Volunteer stories

Response to our research survey

When we asked our volunteers about what research matters to them, we also took the opportunity to ask them why they got involved in our research. To see their responses about what research matters to them, visit:

Participant involvement surveys

We feel so humbled and inspired by the responses to why our volunteers got involved. The vast majority of people said they took part purely to help research. Two other popular answers were that volunteers wanted to gain a greater knowledge of their Northern Isles heritage and to understand the genetics of the isles as a whole. We will keep updating this page as we learn more from our survey.