Are you a researcher interested in accessing Viking Genes volunteer data and samples? Find out more about what we have available and how to find it here.

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Viking Genes data and samples have already supported many research projects and publications. We welcome more applications to work on our datasets.

All data and sample requests are reviewed by the QTL Data Access Committee. Each approved project is subject to a Data or Materials Transfer Agreement (DTA or MTA), or commercial contract.

Information and samples from volunteers can only be used by researchers if there is relevant scientific and ethical approval for the research. We are happy to consider requests from researchers working in countries outside the UK, or in commercial companies. Personal volunteer details (such as email or postal address) will never be shared with researchers.

If you want to read more about our data and sample collection process for Viking II before you apply, take a look at our protocol:  

VIKING II, a Worldwide Observational Cohort of Volunteers with Northern Isles Ancestry

Our Viking II data dictionary and the summary data from specific research projects are available in the open access University of Edinburgh DataShare repository:

University of Edinburgh DataShare Repository

You can also find out more about our study on the HDR UK Gateway:

HDR UK Gateway: Viking Genes

De-identified questionnaire (phenotype) data from the ~6,000 participants in the online VIKING II and VIKING III cohorts is available through the DPUK portal:

DPUK Data Portal: Viking Genes

Exome and whole genome sequence datasets on subsets of Viking Genes are available in the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA). Access is managed by the QTL Data Access Committee.

European Genome-phenome Archive

Exome sequence data for all ~4,200 participants recruited through research clinics are also available to share with other researchers at non-commercial institutions under a contract, for the purpose of academic research.

Are you interested in what we can offer? Find out why you might choose to collaborate with us here.

Why work with us?

If you are a researcher who wishes to work with Viking Genes data or samples, please email us at for more information.