Garry's Story

Garry has two grandparents from Orkney and, with the help of relatives, is discovering more about his family tree. Read his story here.

Gary Delday Photo

I decided to join because I qualified by having two grandparents born on Orkney. My father was born in Kirkwall but moved to England for work. In the last 10 years or so I have been researching my family tree with the help of relatives in the UK and Saskatchewan Canada. We've managed to get back to 1711. My 5 x Great Grandfather was Magnus Delday, an Orkney name if ever I have heard one! I was hoping, in my research, to get back to Viking or Scandinavian origins but have come to a grinding halt. 

I still have relatives living in Orkney and have had the great pleasure of visiting three times over the last 7 years, with my parents, wife and sister. I am proud to regard Orkney as my second home. It is the land of my ancestors and probably my most favourite place on the planet. I will never tire of returning at every opportunity.

If my taking part in the study helps in any way whatsoever in making medical gains, I will be all the more happier.