Fiona's Story

Born in Edinburgh to an Orcadian Mum, Fiona was inspired to join the study after watching Jim's lecture in Orkney. Read her story here.

VIKING Volunteer Fiona Bouberts Orcadian family in a black and white photo
Fiona's Mum as a baby with her parents and aunties, taken outside Quarry House in Eday
I was brought up in Edinburgh but my Mum was Orcadian. She was born in Eday and her family goes back as far as I have been able to trace in Orkney.
I visit Orkney and Shetland regularly as part of my job now, although (obviously) I am unable to do so at present.
I was fortunate to be in Kirkwall when Jim was giving his talk. I found it fascinating how genetics is painting a slightly different genealogy picture. I was keen to get involved in the study. I am also aware of how certain illnesses have impacted my Orcadian family. It would be great if we could learn more from this study on the genetic links which will inform future identification and treatment.